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Luxury Holidays in India
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Rishikesh " The Yoga Capital of India & Pilgrimage abode for Hindus "

Located on the bank of Holy Ganges at the foot of mighty Himalayas, Rishikesh is mainly a pilgrimage abode for Hindus. The natural beauty of the place is awfully beautiful and so it draws the nature lovers apart from the Hindu worshippers. It is a part of the Tehri-Garhwal region of Uttaranchal state of India.  The altitude of the town is 1360 feet above sea level.

A luxury tour to Rishikesh. Imagine your lavish stay at Anand Spa, the famous spa resort on the foothills of Himalayas. It seems like a fairytale palace from a long distance. The luxury health tourists come to Ananda Spa Resort to experience a holistic way of life. It offers the traditional Indian spa and ayurveda with an importance on western style of spa. The luxury amenities are provided with combination of coolness and purity.

The yoga and meditation freaks from all the word visit this Yoga capital of India, Rishikesh where still Indian sages meditate at the jungle ashrams. The ashrams of Rishikesh remind one the mythological stories and landscapes of India. There are myths related to some abodes of Rishikesh. It is said that Lord Shiva drank the venom which is oozed out of sagar manthan at the Nilkanth Mahadeo.

Rishikesh tour also includes visit to Haridwar, a Hindu pilgrimage abode, Mussoorie hill station. The breathtakingly beautiful view of Holy Ganges dots the entire landscape of Rishikesh with the greeneries of Himalayan hills and the vistas of snow-peak Mountains.

If your are an adventure buff, you can experience river rafting on the white turbulent waters of Ganga. River rafting camps are located in Rishikesh. Or you can go on a long trek through the hilly paths of Rishikesh.

The sightseeing attractions in Rishikesh are Laxman Jhulla and Ram Jhulla hanging bridges. Bharat Mandir is the oldest Hindu temple built by Adiguru Shankracharya.

A visit to Rishikesh is sure to be a lifetime experience. The Himalayan beauty and Hindu religious rituals and customs are the main attractions in a nutshell, but Rishikesh has more to offer to a tourist — a holistic health tour, an adventure tour, a nature tour, a purification tour.